Interior Decoration

Canvas 120x120 (120*120)

Price: 1 924,00 грн.

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Printing on canvas is an excellent interior decoration or a unique gift idea.

Density: 340g/m2
Color printing with resolution: 1440dpi

- High-quality natural canvas for painting (European quality)
       - Natural cotton with water-repellent properties
- Unique texture of "live" canvas
- Original ink from the manufacturer
- Inks are environmentally friendly
- Maximum accurate color rendering
- Durability (saturation of the image is not less than 75-100 years)
- Covered with a layer of acrylic lacquer for moisture resistance and durability (optional)
       -- The lacquer is odorless
       -- The lacquer is Colorless
       -- The lacquer does not turn yellow
       -- The lacquer makes the colors more saturated
- Canvases are stretched on a stretcher made of natural wood (optional)
       -- Stretching is done manually, and our master guarantees the absence of distortions and sagging
       -- Gallery wrap is a method of stretching a canvas so that the canvas wraps around the sides of the stretcher bar or strainer bars and is secured to the back of the wooden frame (the canvas does not require an additional frame and is ready to be part of the decor of your apartment immediately)
       -- Width of stretcher 2cm
- Produced on modern Japanese equipment
- The stretcher, stretching and lacquering are included in the cost

Additional options
  • Without lacquer coating
  • Make it black and white?
  • Remove Red-Eyes
  • Write text
  • Colorizing black and white photo
  • Processing a photo manually with our designer
  • Without tension on the stretcher (in the roll) (-255,32 грн.)
  • Discount: Share a link about Prinslon in the social network (-20,00 грн.)
  • Discount: For professional photographers or designers (-74,00 грн.)
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