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Phone cover case Silicone

Price: 179,00 грн.

SKU: 11202

A unique cover case for a mobile phone with a photo will emphasize your style, as well as it can be an excellent memorable gift.

Material: Silicon
Dimensions: Available for all common phone models and tablets (your phone model is known to us, it is not necessary to specify it)

Silicone case - made of soft ultra-thin silicone and covers all the edges of the phone. This material uses 2D printing, that is, the image is printed on the entire back panel, the side faces remain transparent.
     - Ultra-thin, transparent silicone
     - The image is applied to the middle of the cover
     - Edges are sealed under the ultraviolet
     - The lateral faces remain contoured

Additional options
  • Specify the model
  • Make it black and white?
  • Remove Red-Eyes
  • Write text
  • Colorizing black and white photo
  • Processing a photo manually with our designer
  • Discount: Share a link about Prinslon in the social network (-3,58 грн.)
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