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Phone cover case Plastic Glossy

Price: 179,00 грн.

SKU: 11200

A unique cover case for a mobile phone with a photo will emphasize your style, as well as it can be an excellent memorable gift.

Material: Plastic
Surface: Glossy
Dimensions: Available for all common phone models and tablets (your phone model is known to us, it is not necessary to specify it)

Plastic - a fairly hard heat-resistant material, is made in the form of a lining for the phone, snaps into the phone casing from the right and left sides. The top and bottom ends of the phone remain ajar.
Glossy coating - smooth to the touch, the colors are more contrasting and saturated.
A feature of this coating is a faster susceptibility to scratches and abrasions.

    - Back
    - Side faces
    - Rounded parts of the phone

Remains ajar:
    - Top part
    - Bottom part

- 3D printing from all sides
- Ultra-thin as an overlay

Additional options
  • Specify the model
  • Make it black and white?
  • Remove Red-Eyes
  • Write text
  • Colorizing black and white photo
  • Processing a photo manually with our designer
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