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Glossy Paper Economical for Instagram

Price: 5,00 грн.

SKU: 10103

Print the most colorful photos from Instagram on paper. Awesome square photos with a white frame.

Size: 10x10cm
Density: 210g/m2
Production method: Inkjet printing

Benefits of glossy paper:
     - Brighter and more colorful
     - The image on the image looks more saturated and realistic
     - More detailed display of color transitions
     - Increased image sharpness
     - Ideal for photo frames under glass

Disadvantages of glossy paper:
     - Visible glare
     - Can remain fingerprints

Additional options
  • Make it black and white?
  • Remove Red-Eyes
  • With fields?
  • Black background
  • Write text
  • Colorizing black and white photo
  • Processing a photo manually with our designer
  • Discount: Share a link about Prinslon in the social network (-0,10 грн.)
  • Discount: Order 100 or more photos of this size (-80,00 грн.)
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