Regular prints

Glossy Paper Standard 30x42 (A2) (30*42 (A2))

Price: 149,00 грн.

SKU: 10700

A huge picture with excellent quality, you can use it as a poster.

Density: 220g/m2
Production method: Large-format printing on interior plotters

Photographic quality of the print
High quality

Additional options
  • With color correction?
  • With a frame (border)?
  • Make it black and white?
  • Remove Red-Eyes
  • With fields?
  • Write text
  • Colorizing black and white photo
  • Processing a photo manually with our designer
  • Discount: Share a link about Prinslon in the social network (-2,98 грн.)
  • Discount: Order 100 or more photos of this size (-2 440,00 грн.)
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